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Table Runner vs. Table Cloth - Which is Better? - Bluum Maison

Table Runner vs. Table Cloth - Which is Better?

In the world of table décor, the debate between table runners and tablecloths has long been a topic of discussion among hosts. While both options offer their unique charm, today, we're here to champion the unsung hero of tabletop design – the table runner. With its ability to effortlessly transform your dining space, the table runner has steadily emerged as the preferred choice for those in the know.

In this blog post, we'll delve into the top four compelling reasons why table runners more specifically, the Bluum Maison table runner, have taken center stage and left traditional tablecloths in the dust. From unmatched versatility and space efficiency to their knack for showcasing tableware and centerpieces, not to mention their easy maintenance, we'll explore how these fabric accents have become an indispensable part of stylish table settings. Whether you're planning an elegant dinner party or seeking everyday dining inspiration, read on to discover why table runners are the preferred option that's making waves in the world of tablescaping.

4 Reasons Why We Choose the Table Runner


Reason No. 1 Versatility

The real showstopper of table runners, particularly the Bluum Maison 100% cotton gauze 6-foot runner, is their amazing versatility.Table runners are like chameleons of the tabletop world, adapting seamlessly to any occasion.  Be it a cozy brunch, a lively get-together, or a relaxed evening with friends, a table runner effortlessly adjusts to set the right tone.Unlike tablecloths, which can sometimes feel a bit too formal and grand, table runners bring a relaxed and contemporary vibe, resonating perfectly with the modern trend of comfortable yet chic hosting. The neutral but stylish design of the Bluum Maison runner can play along with various color palettes and themes, ensuring your table ensemble is always strikingly on point. 

Bluum Maison Table Cloth Canandian Brand Tablescape

Reason No. 2 Space Efficiency

If you find yourself dealing with limited space or have a smaller dining area, let me tell you, table runners are a game-changer. They infuse a sense of refinement without overwhelming the space, making them the perfect sidekick for intimate dinners and get-togethers. Now, tablecloths, on the other hand, can sometimes feel like they're trying to take over your table and squeeze everyone in. The Bluum Maison runner, suitable for various table sizes, allows you to make the most out of your available space while keeping things elegant. 

Bluum Maison Table Cloth Canandian Brand Tablescape


Reason No. 3 Showcasing Tableware and Centerpieces: 

Table runners serve as a perfect stage to spotlight your gorgeous tableware and centerpieces. Unlike tablecloths, which may hide those meticulously selected dishes and decorations, a table runner gives you the freedom to flaunt your favorite crockery and centerpieces while layering an extra dash of style. The Bluum Maison runner, with its quiet elegance, underlines your culinary masterpieces and decorative elements, transforming your dining table into a striking spectacle. 

Bluum Maison Table Cloth Canandian Brand Tablescape


Reason No. 4: Easy Maintenance

Table runners are generally easier to clean and maintain compared to full tablecloths. Since they cover only a portion of the table's surface, they are less likely to get soiled or stained during a meal. When spills occur, you can simply remove the runner and launder or spot clean it, rather than having to deal with a large, cumbersome tablecloth. This convenience makes table runners a practical choice for both everyday use and special occasions.


Bluum Maison Table Cloth Canandian Brand Tablescape

In the realm of home entertaining, the right components can turn your gatherings into unforgettable events. When it comes to setting the scene for such memories, table runners like the Bluum Maison 100% cotton gauze runner truly shine. Their adaptability, ease of maintenance, and knack for creating an inviting atmosphere make them an essential accomplices in your hosting endeavors. So, the next time you gear up for a soiree, remember the impactful difference a table runner can make. After all, it's not merely about the table, it's about the precious connections nurtured around it.

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