Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship worldwide

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Please see our Shipping Policy.

Do you offer returns or exchanges?

Please see our Return and Exchange Policy

Are the Maison Collections available for wholesale?

We currently are offering bulk orders for our Maison Collections. Please email us at info@bluummaison.com to set up your order. Wholesale orders may take 4-8 weeks.

Fresh Flowers

Where do you deliver?

We offer flower deliveries to the follow cities:
  • London
  • Kilworth (Komoka)
  • Mount Brydges
  • Strathroy
  • St. Thomas
  • Ingersoll
  • Woodstock

Is your area not listed? Contact us here. 

How do I care for my flowers?

  • Fill a clean vase with fresh water and add flower food as instructed on the floral food label.
  • Cut the stems in a diagonal direction approximately 2.5 cm (1 in.) from the base of the stems.
  • Remove the lower foliage (foliage that may fall below the water line) to reduce the bacterial contamination of the water.
  • Place flowers in the vase.
  • Re-cut the flowers stems and change water every 2 days to maintain freshness.
  • For longer lasting flowers, keep flowers in a cool area away from open windows, fireplaces or direct sunlight.
  • Do not store near ethylene sources (fruits, gas, etc.)

What is your delivery window?

Flower subscriptions will be delivered on the first Wednesday of every month and you will receive an email before each delivery.  The delivery window is between 11am - 6pm, we cannot accommodate for specific delivery times at the  moment.

What if I'm not home for the delivery?

We will leave the flowers at the front door or with a concierge. A text or voicemail message will be left with the recipient letting them know where their flowers are. Please note: flowers cannot be left outside in temperatures below 2 degrees celsius, so if you are sending flowers in the winter please make sure the recipient is going to be home on the delivery date.  If there is no answer at the door and the temps are running below freezing the flowers will be returned to the shop and flowers will have to be picked up at our London studio. Or another delivery attempt can be made for an additional fee.

Can I request specific flowers for my arrangement?

At this time, flower choices are up to the discretion of the designer and we cannot accommodate specific flower requests.