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The Busy Bee: Letting Go of the Martha Stewart Mindset Interview - Bluum Maison

The Busy Bee: Letting Go of the Martha Stewart Mindset Interview

When it comes to spending less time in the kitchen and more time with loved ones, The Busy Bee created a resource for simplifying hosting one #HostfulHack at a time. 

Founded by two sisters, Shannon and Jenna, who have a passion for entertaining loved ones. They are on a mission to inspire the hostful at heart. We love their offers in hosting tips and tricks, simple recipes, how-to’s, entertaining guides and more!  

Bluum Maison was recently featured on The Busy Bee's blog where we shared 3 Secrets on How To Style Your Table At Home. In turn, we wanted to introduce The Busy Bee to the Bluum Maison family. So without further ado, meet Shannon and Jenna of The Busy Bee.

Who are The Busy Bees?

We’re Shannon & Jenna, two sisters and best friends living out our childhood dreams. The Busy Bee is on a mission to help your inner hostess let go of perfection because it's time we get back to the roots of family, connection and storytelling. We teach you how to simplify hosting by letting go of the Martha Stewart mindset and embracing what it means to be The Redefined Hostess. Together, we're redefining what it means to be a purposeful hostess so that you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your loved ones. 

What's a common belief about hosting that you passionately disagree with?

Your house doesn’t need to be spotless. There - we said it! We’ve realized that the overwhelm of prep before guests arrive burns would-be hostesses out or deter them from inviting people in at all.

Instead, we encourage our readers to follow one of our favorite #HostfulHacks: Nana’s Rule. According to our Nana, as long as your bed is made, your sink is empty and your bathroom is clean, your home is ready for guests. We’re also firm believers in the 5-Minute Basket Hack: throw everything out of place in a large basket (a laundry basket works perfectly!) and stow away behind closed doors until after guests leave.

And, remember, when it comes down to it, allowing your loved ones to see that you’re not perfect will encourage them to show up too - in whatever season they’re in. This type of mindset allows for deeper, stronger, more intimate relationships with the people who matter most.

What words of advice can you give to someone entertaining in their home for the first time?

Don’t choose a challenging menu. Keep it simple by going halfway homemade or picking up a few items from the prepared foods department at your local grocery store to cut your worries in half.

If you’re nervous about welcoming people in for the first time, we also recommend taking some time to light some candles and put on an instrumental playlist. It’s incredible how these two small things make a big difference in your overall mood and your home’s ambiance, and it’ll translate over to your guests as they begin to mingle, as well.

Here's Our Recipe for a Perfect Centerpiece - Every Time

Recipes are just for food, right? Think again! As industry professionals for years, we’re sharing with you a recipe that has nothing to do with the kitchen, and everything to do with your dining room table.

Enter: The Busy Bee’s Tablescape Recipe!

Broken down into two basic parts, this tried-and-true recipe of ours gives you an easy-to-follow path to creating unique, sophisticated and stunning tablescapes each and every time. We’re sharing with you the first part right here: The Centerpiece.

The Centerpiece: 5 Must-Have Ingredients

#1: Textural Table Throw

Create a foundation with a table throw that effortlessly pulls your entire look together. Consider texture, color and size when selecting this unconventional table piece. We like to choose neutral hues that will complement any design, as well as throws that showcase delicate details, such as fringe or interesting stitching. These subtle features make your throw blanket an understated yet essential piece on which to build the rest of your tablescape.

Image by Jamie Gernert at Work Your Closet

#2: Centerpiece Medley

Bring life and dimension to your tablescape with a thoughtful centerpiece medley. This ingredient consists of decorative vessels with fresh, dried, or faux florals. We’ve also been known to style fresh fruit and vegetables as part of our centerpiece medley, such as farmer’s market specials during the spring and festive cranberries during the holidays.

Image by Jamie Gernert at Work Your Closet

#3: Illuminating Candles

Cast a welcoming glow across your dining room table with illuminating candles that complement your centerpiece medley. Often intertwined with our florals, we choose candles that meet the moment with decorative holders and muted hues. Depending on your design goals, you might find yourself nestling whimsical tealights, dramatic taper candles, or traditional jar candles into your tabletop details to amplify your overall aesthetic.

#HostfulHack: Don’t be afraid to mix and match candle styles or colors, which gives your tablescape even more visual interest. For example, mix two complementary shades of taper candles or incorporate accentual candle holders that, while distinct, hold a common thread that blends seamlessly.

Image by Jamie Gernert at Work Your Closet

#4: Accentual Serveware

Incorporate accentual serveware that not only highlights your menu, but also elevates your tablescape design and guests’ experience. We recommend investing in quality, neutral serveware, such as platters, serving bowls, and more, so that your pieces are seasonless and can be used whenever needed - regardless of the occasion. Serveware also offers a communal experience for your guests by encouraging the act of passing dishes from one person to the next, creating a shared moment that nurtures relationships. An ingredient that provides both form and function? Accentual serveware is definitely a multi-tasking must-have for your tablescape design!


Image by Jamie Gernert at Work Your Closet

#5: Sculptural Pitcher

Speaking of form and function, a sculptural pitcher also serves multiple purposes as your last ingredient to your centerpiece recipe. First and foremost, we recommend filling a pitcher with ice water or a seasonal beverage and chilling in your refrigerator before guests arrive. When dinner is served, place your chilled pitcher on the table for easy self-served refills - and less trips to the kitchen. This leaves you more time to connect and be part of the conversation while hosting loved ones.

On a design note, we like to choose a pitcher that adds to our overall aesthetic by choosing pieces that have neutral yet unique finishes. A sophisticated pitcher becomes part of your tablescape, both useful and artistic in all the best ways.

Image by  Jamie Gernert at Work Your Closet

The Buzzworthy Takeaway

It’s time to get creative, friend! These 5 ingredients will lead you to a unique and sophisticated centerpiece every time you set the table, while allowing you enough space to make it distinctly yours. We hope this first part of our Tablescape Recipe encourages you to invite your people in and get to connecting this season. After all, that’s what it’s all about.

Want to see Part 2 of our Tablescape Recipe? Check out how you’re only 5 ingredients away from the perfect Place Setting - every time.

Hap-Bee Hosting, friend!


Thank you, Shannon and Jenna, for sharing your expertise with the Bluum Maison family!

You can find The Busy Bee on social for more inspiration.

- Team Bluum Maison

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