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Hosting Your First Dinner Party? Here’s What You Need to Know - Bluum Maison

Hosting Your First Dinner Party? Here’s What You Need to Know

Hosting your first dinner party is exciting. Whether you’re in a new home, celebrating a milestone, or perhaps just finally getting around to inviting your friends and family over, your first dinner party is a moment! 

After the dust settles and you’ve put your dinner party on the calendar, it’s understandable to experience a bit of worry or stress. After all, you’ve never done this before. I promise, though, that with some planning and the right tips and resources, your event will be a success! Read on for my best tips on hosting your first dinner party.

Start With What You Know

It may be tempting to use your first dinner party as an opportunity to whip up that tasty-sounding recipe you read about, or craft that Pin-worthy cocktail you saw on your newsfeed. As appealing as trying something new might sound, I assure you, now isn’t the time to reach out of your comfort zone.

For your first dinner party, one of the best ways to limit stress and ensure your guests enjoy what you create is to stick with what you know

You may have made that amazing chicken too many times to count, or throw together your favorite cocktail without having to measure anymore, but that’s for good reason: Because you’ve mastered it! So, as you prepare for your dinner party, tap into those tried and true recipes you know you can execute well.

That’s not to say that as you get in the swing of hosting you can’t branch out beyond your go-to menu. Of course, there will be time and opportunities for that! But, as you get comfortable with hosting and preparing for dinner parties, you’ll be glad you don’t have to fret over how a new recipe may turn out.

Tips for hosting your first dinner party with Bluum Maison.

Create The Ambiance You Want

Hosting a dinner party is about more than serving delicious food and being a great hostess. It’s about how you make your guests feel and the atmosphere you cultivate in your home. As you make plans for your first dinner party, consider the ambiance you want in your space and how you can achieve it.

If you want a bright and fresh feel for your guests, consider your lighting and fare. You may consider serving tapas and illuminating your dining room with a variety of light sources. If this is the setting you’re envisioning, the Serenity Green Linen + Candle Set from the Maison Collection is perfect for bringing your vision to life!

Bluum Maison shares tips for hosting your first dinner party.

For a classy and more dramatic dinner party, darker tones and soft and warm lighting may be what you’re after. Dimmed lights, great wine, and an entree like steak or a roast can evoke that mood. Our Modern Black Linen + Candle Set creates a beautiful backdrop for an evening filled with lively conversation and connections.

Hosting Your First Dinner Party with Bluum Maison

Prepare Ahead As Much As Possible

There are occasions where waiting until the last minute to do your preparations might not be a bad idea. When it comes to hosting your first dinner party, though, I wouldn’t advise it!

It’s a great feeling to welcome guests as you’re calm and collected, ready to enjoy their company and the dinner party you’ve assembled. Avoiding the last-minute scramble to complete your preparations and the stress that can come with it is a favor you want to give yourself!

Yes, there are some recipes that call for completing booking or baking, or putting the finishing touches on things as guests arrive. That’s absolutely fine. However, I suggest doing what you can do to prepare for your party ahead of time so those final tasks are simple. 

The day before your dinner party, set out your chosen Maison Collection tablescape and arrange everything to your liking. Draft your grocery list and make sure you have all the ingredients you need for those favorite recipes of yours you’ll be serving your guests. You might even consider preparing ingredients so it’s even easier to prepare on the day of the dinner party.

Be sure to clean your house and get it ready for company in the day or two before your dinner party, too. Spend extra time in spaces you know your guests will be spending time, such as your bathrooms and dining room, to ensure they’re company-ready. If you anticipate your guests might want to indulge in that tasty cocktail recipe you’ve mastered, consider preparing a guest room in case anyone wants to stay the night. 

Dinner party hosting tips with Bluum Maison

You’re ultimately liable if someone leaves your place intoxicated, and it's’ not only considerate but responsible, to give them accommodations.

Start Small

When you’ve decided to throw your first dinner party, you might be so excited you want to invite a lot of people to enjoy it with you. However, as with anything else new to you, it’s best to start small and get your feet wet. 

You’ll learn a lot from hosting your first dinner party, from things you might want to do differently to aspects of the evening your guests absolutely adore. You’ll go on to host your next dinner party with more confidence, and in time, you’ll become a pro! Until you feel good about your ability to host a larger group, keep your guest count on the smaller side.

Ready to start planning your first dinner party? Be sure to visit our Shop to pick the perfect Maison Collection for your event!

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