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Charger Plates

Explore the essence of subtle table settings, where style meets functionality. Consider the charm of charger plates, especially these festive Wooden Circle Charger Plates. These distinctive pieces redefine dining aesthetics, seamlessly blending rustic warmth with contemporary elegance. Picture the understated sophistication of a rattan charger gracing your table – a perfect fusion of natural allure and modern design. Not just limited to rattan, delve into the winsome realm of Medallion Charger Plates, where each piece narrates a story of craftsmanship and refinement. Elevate your dining experience with charger plates, Canada's choice for those who appreciate the art of dining and the beauty in every detail.




What do you do with dinner charger plates?

Transform your dining and living spaces into elegant showcases by exploring creative ways to use charger plates, extending their purpose beyond traditional dining settings to enhance decor and ambiance.

  1. Versatile Decor Centerpieces: Use charger plates as versatile decor centerpieces beyond dining occasions. Arrange them on coffee tables, sideboards, or shelves to add a touch of sophistication to your living space. Experiment with various textures, colors, and materials, such as rattan or Woven Hyacinth charger plates, to match your decor theme.
  2. Seasonal Display Accent: Rotate charger plates seasonally to complement your home's decor. During spring and summer, opt for light hues, like the Rattan Charger Plate. While in the fall and winter, choose warmer tones or rustic materials like wooden chargers. This simple switch can instantly refresh the look and feel of your living areas.
  3. Wall Art Installation: Transform Rattan Charger Plates into unique wall art by arranging them in visually appealing patterns. Create a symmetrical grid or an eclectic mix of shapes and sizes. Choose charger plates with intricate designs or bold colors to make a statement and turn any empty wall into a captivating focal point.
  4. Event-Specific Themes: Customize charger plates to suit specific events or celebrations. For example, during holidays, adorn the Wooden Circle Charger Plate  with festive elements like ornaments, pinecones, or winter themed decor. For special occasions, personalize charger plates with name cards or small mementos, making each guest's place setting a memorable experience.


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