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Tablesetting Guide for Beginners in Five Steps - Bluum Maison

Tablesetting Guide for Beginners in Five Steps


A beautifully set table is an art that can enhance any dining experience, whether it's a casual brunch or a fancy dinner event. A well-set table creates a warm and inviting atmosphere and provides a memorable backdrop for your guests. If you're new to the art of tablesetting, don't worry!

Our blog post will guide you through a straightforward, five-step process to create a welcoming and stylish table. We're also excited to introduce our new Coastal Runner Set, a tasteful addition that lends sophistication without dominating your table decor.

Bluum Maison Tablescape Runner Set


Step 1: Start with a Theme or Color Scheme

Create an attractive table, start by selecting a coherent theme or color scheme. Consider the atmosphere you want to create and the occasion you're commemorating. Do you prefer a maximalist feel or a contemporary, simple appearance? Select a color scheme that complements your home decor and expresses the intended mood. By having a definite theme or color scheme in mind, you can select the appropriate components for your table with more ease.


Step 2: Lay the Foundation with Linens and Tableware

To create a beautiful table setting, start by selecting a theme or color scheme. Then choose your linens and tableware. Your tablecloth or runner sets the foundation, so choose a neutral or patterned option that fits your theme. Consider adding texture with a layered runner or placemats. For sustainable and stylish cloth napkins, check out Bluum Maison's summer collection, including the Coastal Runner Set which has everything you need for a cohesive table setting.

Bluum Maison Tablescape Runner Set

If you’re looking for some inspiration, how about incorporating our Coastal Runner set for a timeless yet modern look. This complete set of four cloth dinner napkins, a table runner, and two ceramic candle holders is the perfect combination for a beautiful tablescape.

The soft-touch cloth napkins and runners are made from 100% organic cotton are designed to be machine-washed for easy maintenance, while the modern ceramic candle holders can be used time and time again. 

Step 3: Choose Coordinated Dinnerware and Glassware

To make your tablesetting look more polished, choose dinnerware and glassware that match your theme and color scheme. You can also mix and match patterns and styles to create a more eclectic look. Don't forget to inspect your tableware for any chips or cracks. Lastly, consider adding coordinating utensils like elegant silverware or modern flatware to complete the look.


Step 4: Add Centerpieces and Decorative Elements

Centerpieces and decorative elements bring life and personality to your table. Fresh flowers or potted plants are timeless choices for centerpieces. Select blooms that match your color scheme or opt for seasonal flowers for a touch of vibrancy. Candles, either grouped or scattered across the table, create a cozy and intimate atmosphere. Additionally, consider incorporating decorative elements like place cards, napkin rings, or small trinkets that reflect your theme or occasion.

Bluum Maison Tablescape Runner Set

We are loving this gorgeous Coastal Runner Set because it has everything you need to set the table without the overwhelm. 

Step 5: Pay Attention to Details and Final Touches

The final step, focus on the details and finishing touches. Keep your table free from clutter and make sure there's enough space for guests to enjoy their meal comfortably. Set the mood with soft lighting by either dimming the lights or using candles. Make sure the table settings are adjusted correctly, including utensils and neatly folded napkins or creative napkin rings. Also, make sure to provide essential condiments like salt, pepper, and water glasses.

 Bluum Maison Tablescape Runner Set Summer Collection

If you're a beginner, it's not difficult to set up a beautiful table. Follow these five simple steps to create a stylish and inviting dining experience that impresses your guests.

Check out Bluum Maison's summer collection, featuring our stylish and eco-friendly Coastal Runner Set, to add an elegant and sustainable touch to your tablesetting without the overwhelm. 

Visit Bluum Maison's Summer Collection here to discover more inspiration for your tablesetting endeavors.

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