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Explore our curated selection of candles that go beyond mere glow, creating an atmosphere that resonates with tranquillity and sophistication. From the subtle hues of our Pastel Candle Sticks to timeless designs like our  Roma Candles, this collection offers a range of options to suit your style.




Bluum Maison’s candle pairing thoughts:
  1. Consider the Occasion: When selecting candles for a table setting, take into account the occasion and the overall ambiance you want to convey. For a formal dinner, opt for sleek and neutral candles like Roma Candles for some sophistication. If the gathering is more casual, Pastel Candle Sticks can add a playful touch. 
  2. Layer with Complementary Elements: To create a visually dynamic table setting, layer your candles with complementary elements. Choose candle holders that match the material or color scheme of your tableware, such as plate chargers or napkin rings. 
  3. Mindful Placement and Height Variation: Pay attention to the placement of candles on the table to ensure an even distribution of light. Experiment with varying heights by using different candle holder sizes to create a visually appealing tableau. 
How do I keep tapered candles from leaning?

Follow these steps. 

  • A proper candle holder that snugly fits the base of the tapered candle.
  • As taper candles burn, wax may accumulate and create an uneven base. Trim the wick regularly and remove excess wax to maintain a level surface for the candle.
  • Consider the temperature. Avoid placing candles in direct sunlight or near heat sources, as this can cause the wax to soften and the candles to lean. Keep them in a cool and stable environment.
  • Straightening during burning. While the candle is burning, periodically check its alignment. Gently rotate the candle in the holder to ensure an even burn and prevent leaning.
  • Trim the wicks to an appropriate length before lighting the candles to promote an even and straight burn.
Most popular taper candle size and style

Standard Taper Candles (10-12 inches):

  • Classic Elegance: Place a pair of Roma Taper candles in matching or complementary colors in tall candle holders as a centerpiece on a dining table. This timeless look adds a touch of sophistication to any formal dinner setting.
  • Mantel Style: Arrange a set of Roma Taper candles on a fireplace mantel for a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Choose candles in seasonal hues to enhance the overall theme, creating a warm focal point in your living space.

Slim Taper Candles (8-10 inches):

  • Modern Simplicity: Use slim taper candles in sleek holders as minimalist decor on a coffee table or sideboard. Opt for neutral colors or metallic finishes for a contemporary and understated look that complements modern interiors.
  • Dinner Delight: Place a row of slim taper candles down the center of a rectangular dining table. Mixing and matching colors can add vibrancy to the table setting, making it perfect for casual dinners with friends or family.

    Remember to consider the color palette of your space, the occasion, and the overall style you want to achieve when choosing and styling taper candles. Mixing and matching different sizes can also add visual interest and depth to your decor.


Congratulations! Your order qualifies for free shipping You are $95 away from free shipping.
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