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A beautiful scene of table decorations demonstrates how Bluum Maison products can be used.

Behind-The-Scenes: Creating Instant Table Decorations with Bluum Maison

Table decorations play an integral role in setting the stage for a beautiful experience for everyone you welcome into your home. At Bluum Maison, we’re passionate about helping you entertain guests with dining experiences and table decorations you’ll feel confident sharing. Learn more on today's blog.

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Introducing BLUUM MAISON

Introducing: BLUUM MAISON

Welcome to BLUUM MAISON   I’m Stephanie, the wedding designer behind BLUUMBLVD, and I’d like to officially welcome you to our online store BLUUM MAISON. I love to serve and my dream of BLUUM MAISON came from my need to help the people around me. Working with many of you on the most special day of your lives has impressed on me how important it is to you to make family and friends feel special – a sentiment I share. Our loved ones are the most meaningful gifts we treasure in life. As we begin opening our homes to family and friends...

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Instructions on how to set your table at home

How to Use the Maison Collection in 4 Easy Steps

The 4 step system for setting your table at home for a dinner party. Whether you're preparing for an anniversary party or a brunch, this instruction on how to set your table with our Maison Collection, will impress anyone who sees it.

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BLUUM MAISON Favourites Cinnamon Bourbon Smash Cocktail Recipe

Cinnamon Smash Bourbon Recipe

One great way to keep festivities fun and exciting is creating a signature cocktail for the day. Those small personable touches make your gatherings at home extra special and one of the easiest way to elevate the day. Executive Chef Crystal Powell of Kanvas was gracious enough to share the recipe for her cocktail.

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