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Citrus Cranberry Baked Brie Recipe - Easy to Make Appetizer

Citrus Cranberry Baked Brie Recipe: Easy to Make Appetizer

Learn how to make our simple and delicious appetizer with this Citrus Cranberry Baked Brie dish. This easy-to-prepare appetizer will impress your guests at any gathering in your home! This appetizer is perfect for those special occasions, but it can also be served anytime of year.

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Parsnip and Yukon Potato Gnocchi Recipe Bluum Maison Favourite

Parsnips and Yukon Potato Gnocchi Recipe

Executive Chef Crystal from Kanvas chef shares her recipe for gnocchi made from scratch. Gnocchi is a favourite when hosting dinner parties because it is easy to prepare and can be made in advance. These gnocchi are simply delicious and sure to please your dinner guests.

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BLUUM MAISON Favourites Cinnamon Bourbon Smash Cocktail Recipe

Cinnamon Smash Bourbon Recipe

One great way to keep festivities fun and exciting is creating a signature cocktail for the day. Those small personable touches make your gatherings at home extra special and one of the easiest way to elevate the day. Executive Chef Crystal Powell of Kanvas was gracious enough to share the recipe for her cocktail.

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